About Us – Vogue and Me

About Us

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the introduction of fashion label and online shop brand named Vogue And Me. The company was launched on September 1, 2014 in India.

Our company standards are the foundation of Vogue And Me. They encompass the values and philosophy by which we operate and include:

I> The Credo
I> The Motto
I> The Service Values
I> The Vogue and me Promise

The Credo
Our commitment to good business is reflected in two things:
1. Fashionable clothes, and
2. Customer service

The whole Vogue And Me experience should be a joy for the customer. The important product attributes are fashionability, quality, price, value.
We pledge to provide the finest customer service to our customers who will always enjoy a quick, efficient and comfortable interaction. 

The Motto
At Vogue And Me, we provide the "Finest customer service"

The Service Values
We believe that business should be done in a fair, honest and transparent way.
Everything we do must stand the test of public scrutiny.

We will be a world-class leader in every aspect of our business and in developing our team leadership skills at every level; in our management performance; in the way we design, build and support our products; and in our financial results.

We accept responsibility and deliver on promises with a sense of urgency and agility. Our aim is to ensure everyone benefits from working with us.

We will understand, improve and implement administrative operations flawlessly. We will streamline processes at business to improve quality, accuracy and precision.

We recognize and respect each other in all interactions and set the example for our customers, business associates and colleagues. We encourage a fair environment that supports equal opportunity to attract, develop and retain the best talent and endeavor to have fun too.

The Vogue and me Promise
At Vogue And Me, our commitment to service excellence is rooted in our guiding principles. One of our key priorities is to empower our people to deliver our impeccable service. 

1. Easy purchase and navigation on website.
2. Defect free products and services.
3. Finest customer service for our customers.